In today’s modern world, remodeling is a major part of our lives both in residential and commercial. People have many options when remodeling kitchens and bathrooms due to the fact that suppliers are always coming out with new designs of sinks, toilets, bathtubs etc.

When people want to replace an “old fashioned” sink with a larger, newer design (attractive) sink, they always encounter one major problem – the new sink will not “in-line” with the waste tee. Typical solution is to break the wall and move the waste tee into alignment with the new sink’s waste arm. This is a very costly and time consuming process because it generally involves retailing the wall, yet this is a very common practice many plumbers use.

Another solution is to solder pieces of 22 or 45 degree copper tubes together to convoluted pathway from drain to waste tee. The presentation of the finished product is always not acceptable because copper tubes and chrome plated pipes don’t match and solder joints are exposed. It also creates a fire hazard during the process.

After all, none of the above solutions provide the perfect answer to solve such problem except our present invention. Freedom Arm™ will save time and money for the plumbing industry. It makes every plumbing job professionally done.

Freedom Arm™ is UPC, CUPC, T&S and R&T approved.